Music Recommendation: The SCATTERLINGS — “Nashville Road”


Track: “Nashville Road”

Album: ONE

Artist: The Scatterlings

Artist Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Record Company: Aldora Britain Records (“The worldwide hub of independent and underground music since 2013.”)

Record Company Location: Rothley, UK


The word “scatterlings” means vagabonds.

“Rustic, Rootsy, and Sunny-Side Dark. Americana/Roots music with mountain influences, folk stylings, astute songwriting, textural instrumentation, songs about heartbreak, whiskey, killings, hangings and other happy things. The Scatterlings are a four-piece acoustic/Americana band.” 

“Aldora Britain Records is an e-zine and record label that promotes the music and work of authentic independent or underground artists from all around the world. Originally established in 2013, they revamped themselves in 2018 with a brand-new approach. Their first weekly compilation, aptly titled THE SECOND COMING, was released in late 2019. They now also release original singles, EPs and charity projects.”

Price: £1.10 (GBP) for 16-track album

“Nashville Road” also appears on the Scattlerlings’ album BEING HUMAM. Price: $7 (USD) for 10-track album.

Genre: Americana. Various.





The Scatterlings on Bandcamp

The Scatterlings on YouTube

Aldora Britain Records on Bandcamp

Aldora Britain Records on YouTube

Donna Mogavero (left) and Bruce Dalzell

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