Music Recommendation: Rose Bouche — “En Attente De Toi” [“Waiting for You”]


Track: “En Attente De Toi” [“Waiting for You”]

Single: This is a double-sided single. The “A” side is “Auroville”

Artist: Rose Bouche

Artist Location: Montreal, Québec


“Rose Bouche was born by reading a quote from Charlie Chaplin on a California terrace lined with roses. Marrying Pop Baroque, Art Pop and contemporary folk, she invites us into her universe where image blends with emotion as in a dream. AUROVILLE, his [her]second EP, will be released in the fall of 2019.” — Google Translate

Price: $1 (CAD) for two-track single

Genre: Pop. French Pop.



Rose Bouche

Rose Bouche on Bandcamp

Camille Karavas on YouTube

“Paul” Big Thief (Cover)

“This is the Last Time” The National (Cover)

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