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Music Recommendation: The Terrorsaurs — “Estampida!”


Track: “Estampida!”

Album: ATOMIC LIZARD PARTY (Early Recordings Comp Vol 2)

Artist: The Terrorsaurs (aka The Terrorsurfs)

Artist Location: Birmingham, UK


“Hailing from Birmingham UK The Terrorsaurs unique mix of garage, surf and classic heaviness is indefinable by any genre save that of pure Rock ‘n’ Roll. Since their classic line-up emerged in 2015 their notoriously theatrical live show has taken them all over the globe and the albums recorded at WILD studios, Hollywood CA perfectly capture this vital energy.”

“After two albums on ‘Wild’’ as The Terrorsaurs (2014/15), El Guapo and T.T. mutated into ‘THE TERRORSURFS’ and moved onto surf label Sharawaji Records. The primordial zombie soup fleshed out by the feral bass grooves of BAMALAM, the unholy guitar twang of The Reverend Tonto and new drum beast King Fuzzo.”

Price: £6 (GBP) for 12-track album

Genre: Surf. Rock Instrumental.



The Terrorsaurs on Bandcamp (2)

The Terroraurs on Bandcamp

The above page is for the first 2 albums and singles by The Terrorsaurs dating from 2014 and 2015.

The Terrorsurfs on Bandcamp

Ian B on YouTube

Carlos Mythos on YouTube


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