Dallas Craft: Ohio University’s Acoustic Lunch — 24 August 2022

Dallas Craft

Dallas Craft. C as in hobby; not K as in cheese.

Dallas Craft. one of his songs is about the worst mistake of his life: shaving his mustache because a woman didn’t like it. Turned out the woman didn’t like him.

Dallas Craft on YouTube


Dallas Craft: Smile Together

Dallas Craft: What I Don’t Want

Dallas Craft: Montana

Dallas Craft: Bellyache

Dallas Craft: Let Me Be

Twenty-five year old singer songwriter Dallas Craft got his start at an early age in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Over the last two decades he has honed his craft into what he now calls Neo-Soul. Pulling influence from artists like Johnny Lang, John Legend, John Lennon and many more, non JL-initialed artists, his smooth melodies, sweet harmonies, and raw songwriting turn his one man show into a harmonious blend sure soothe all sides of the spectrum.




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