Music Recommendation: Andino Suns — “La Jaula” [“The Cave”]


Track: “La Jaula” [“The Cave”]


Artist: Andino Suns

Artist Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Record Company: Mundial Montréal

Record Company Location: Montreal, Québec


“In the space where the vibrant traditional sounds of the Andes Mountains meets with the folk-rock of the Canadian Prairies, Regina’s multi-instrumental group Andino Suns have been captivating audiences since 2009 with fiery instrumentation, inspirational live performances and a resounding message of freedom, hope and love.”

“Andino Suns welcome you to an acoustic universe where the spirit and sounds of the Andes Mountains are rocked and fused with modern Latin grooves and rhythms. Blending Andean, Tropical and Western instruments, they deliver a powerful and intricate performance with a unique sound all their own. Inspired by the courage of their Fathers who were forced to leave a fascist regime in Chile for a better life in Canada, the Andino Suns deliver an inspirational message full of justice, hope, freedom and love.”

“Mundial Montreal is a music conference and festival designed to showcase some of the best of World Music from Canada.”

“The first of its kind in North America, MUNDIAL MONTREAL (November 13-16, 2018) is a world music conference & festival that celebrates our rich cultural diversity through a variety of showcases while creating an unprecedented network of world music presenters and professionals with a common goal: to develop professional opportunities!”

Price: FREE Download

“La Jaula” [“The Cave”] is also available on the Andino Suns album IT’S TIME TO RISE. Price: $10 (CAD) for 10 tracks

Genre: World Music from Canada.



Mundial Montréal on Bandcamp

Mundial Montréal on YouTube


Andino Suns on Bandcamp

Andino Suns on YouTube

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