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Music Recommendation: Humana Danga — “Thundermug”


Track: “Thundermug”

Single: This is a one-sided single

Artist: Humanga Danga

Artist Location: Ghent, Belgium

Info: “If reverb was a crime, we’d all be doing time.”

“Humanga Danga” is Maori for “Construction Industry”

Stefan Valenberghs: Lead guitar 
Jonas Eliano: Rhythm Guitar & Keys 
Bart Steyaert: Bass 
Louis Van der Linden: Drums & Percussion 

Kahuna Cole, a fan, wrote, “HD is once again keeping it surfy and fun as they rip holes in the water with their brand of instrumental surf! Just as much fun for dancing on the sand as on the ballroom floor!”

Price: €1 (EURO) for one-track single

Genre: Instrumental Rock.



Humanga Danga on Bandcamp

Humanga Danga on YouTube

Humanga Danga Official Website


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