Music Recommendation: The Tomorrow-Men – “Parsec’s Paradox”


Track: “Parsec’s Paradox”


Artist: The TomorrowMen

Artist Location: San Francisco, California, USA


“From the baroque Venusian cloudburst of PARSEC’S PARADOX to the contemplative sturm-und-twang of MERCURY IN RETROGRADE, the Saturnalian secret agent trill-and-chill of THE MAN WHO COULDN’T TELL TIME and the bittersweet Neptunian summer’s-end melancholia of CIRCADIA , The TomorrowMen bring it kicking, spinning and reverbing on home to the adventurous 21st Century time traveller. So pack a bag, slip into your all-weather see-thru chromium and vinyl spacesuit and hop onto the big, big Stereo Spaceship for a timeless, time-wide trip into the ear-splendiferous sound of The TomorrowMen’s FUTOURISM.”

TJDMORA, a fan, wrote, “I’ve seen this SF-based group live a couple of times and they have great, high-energy shows. I listened to this new release of theirs all the way through today and enjoyed tracks 1-8, tracks 9-13 are killer. Favorite track: ‘Hemispherical Synchronization.’”

Price: Name Your Price (Includes FREE) for 13-track album

Genre: Surf. Rock Instrumental.



The TomorrowMen on Bandcamp

Danny Snyder of The TomorrowMen on YouTube

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