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Extraordinary exchange on Russian state TV (YouTube)

Extraordinary exchange on Russian state TV

Extraordinary exchange on Russian state TV TV’s top talk show about Ukraine. Military analyst & retired colonel Mikhail Khodarenok tells anchor Olga Skabeyeva “the situation for us will clearly get worse … we’re in total geopolitical isolation … the situation is not normal.

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Andrew Tobias: Putin is Losing

It’s worth remembering that the only change Trump made to the 2016 Republican platform was to weaken support for Ukraine.  It seemed bizarre at the time — why that,of all things?  Of what relevance to our lives would Ukraine ever be?

It’s fair to say that in 2016 Ukraine was on few minds in the U.S. — but very much on the mind of Vladimir Putin.

(Worth remembering, too: Trump’s first impeachment was over withholding Congressionally-appropriated military aid to Ukraine in pursuit of political advantage.  The idea to do that likely came from Putin.)


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