Recommended Reading — Rebecca Solnit: Ukraine has taught us all a lesson in moral courage

Rebecca Solnit: Ukraine has taught us all a lesson in moral courage (Guardian)

The journalist Nadezhda Sukhorukova, who survived in a basement as Mariupol was smashed to shards, wrote, “someone was bringing water to the corner of one of the streets every day from the city water canal. An ordinary city resident carried it in a huge barrel on his own initiative. He comes every day, and then stands under shelling and fills people’s bottles with free drinking water. I don’t know the name of this man and I hope he gets out of this hell alive.”

It’s not just Ukrainians. Russians risked prison and police brutality to protest the war. In Belarus, people sabotaged the railroad lines being used to ship Russian war equipment to Ukraine. In Poland, people set up aid stations on the other side of the border, took refugees into their homes, set up community kitchens, gathered toys (even while Middle Eastern refugees suffered in the cold and died on other Polish borders). Citizens of other nations went to Ukraine to join the defending army in a mobilization often compared to that of the international brigades in the Spanish civil war.

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