Music Recommendation: Sean O’Hagen — “The Wild are Welcome”


Track: “The Wild are Welcome”

Single: This is a one-track single.

Artist: Sean O’Hagen

Artist Location: London, UK


“Sean O’Hagan (born 1959) is an Irish singer, songwriter, and arranger who leads the avant-pop band the High Llamas, which he founded in 1992. He is also known for being one half of the songwriting duo (with Cathal Coughlan) in Microdisney and for his work with the English-French band Stereolab.” — Wikipedia

“This April [2020], the animals were coming back to the cities. I love our wild in London, the foxes and badgers – but then sheep, deer and goats started to stray back into the edges of urbanity, in Essex and on the fringes of Swansea and Edinburgh. So I imagined the conversations the animals were having as they acclimatised to the new norm. And of course it flipped the status for the rest of us not in captivity, as we stared out at the wild from our lockdown.”

“Following the spirit. Sweet music to feed the soul. Get it out there, however you can. Channel the past, learn from the young. Check out brother High Llamas.” Sean O’Hagen

Sean O’Hagen is a singer-songwriter in the High Llamas, and he does solo work.

Price: $1 (USD) for one-track single

Genre: Pop.


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