Music Recommendation: The High Llamas — “Ring of Gold”


Track: “Ring of Gold”


Artist: The High Llamas

Artist Location: London, UK


“The expedition continues on Llama-back, as they continue deeper into their exotic world of sound. The new naturalism breathes with life — a city of the future is borne to your ears’ delight!”

“A good start [to listening to their catalogue] is near the beginning with HAWAII (a full two hours of music) but this song has always been one of my favorites, from TALAHOMI WAY: ‘Ring of Gold,’ [which is] about a racehorse put out to pasture.” — George Raymond, fan and author of TREFOLOGY Blog

“The High Llamas are an Anglo-Irish avant-pop band formed in London circa 1991. They were founded by singer-songwriter Sean O’Hagan, formerly of Microdisney, with drummer Rob Allum and ex-Microdisney bassist Jon Fell. O’Hagan has led the group since its formation. Their music is often compared to the Beach Boys, a band he acknowledges as an influence, although more prominent influences were drawn from bossa nova and European film soundtracks.” — Wikipedia

“Following the spirit. Sweet music to feed the soul. Get it out there, however you can. Channel the past, learn from the young. Check out brother High Llamas.” Sean O’Hagen

Price: $9 (USD) for 12-track album. Tracks cannot be purchased separately; only one track can be previewed.

Genre: Pop.



The High Llamas on Bandcamp

Sean O’Hagen on Bandcamp

The High Llamas Wikipedia Article


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