Music Recommendation: Femme de Luxe — “Гуинплен”


Track: “Гуинплен”

Album: Эвоэ [Evoe]

Artist: Femme de Luxe [Luxury Woman]

Artist Location: Seratov, Russia


“Evoe” is a valid Scrabble word.

In British English, it is a scream of Bacchic frenzy.

“Гуинплен” means “Guinplaine.”

Guinplaine is a fictional character in Victor Hugo’s THE MAN WHO LAUGHS.

“Gwynplaine is a horrifyingly disfigured man who was surgically deformed with a grotesque, ‘hideous’ smile. Gwynplaine was featured some of the earliest monster movies in history, such as THE MAN WHO LAUGHS made in 1909 in France by the Pathé film company and produced by Albert Capellan. Although no copies of this film survived, it inspired a remake of the same name in 1928 starring Mary Philbin and Conrad Veidt and the 1921 Austrian horror film DAS GRINSENDE GESICHT. Gwynplaine is most famous for inspiring Batman’s main villain, the Joker, in 1940 Detective Comics.”


Price: Name Your Price (includes FREE) for eight-track album

Genre: Post Punk. Gothic Rock.



Femme de Luxe on Bandcamp

Femme de Luxe on YouTube


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