David Bruce: How to Manage Your Money: A Guide for the Non-Rich (Free PDF)

Your net worth is simply what you are worth in terms of money. Too many of us have a negative net worth or very little positive net worth. If you’ve just graduated from college or from high school, you probably haven’t gotten very far in building the wealth that you would like to have in the future (or now!).

This book was written to help you get a net worth with which you can be happy. It was written for the person just starting out, who is just beginning to make money and who wants to use that money wisely. It assumes that you aren’t a millionaire—many finance books have already been written for rich people.

Following the advice in this document won’t make anyone rich, but it should help many people. Some risk is involved, but the advice should be sound. You, of course, will have to decide whether to use this advice. You certainly don’t have to invest in a mutual fund at Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, or anywhere else. And, of course, I am not responsible for any losses that a mutual fund or other investment may suffer. You make your own investment decisions, and you have the responsibility for them.

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