Music Recommendation: Genki Genki Panic — “Get Out of My Dreams (and Into My Hearse)”


Music: “Get Out of My Dreams (and Into My Hearse)”


Artist: Genki Genki Panic

Artist Location: Chatanooga, Tennessee

Info: “Instrumental dungeon surf.”

“Genki” is Japanese for “Energy.”

“For fans of Agent Orange, Vic Mizzy, and Oingo Boingo.”

BreakingMyself, a fan, wrote, “This band was introduced to me by a 7″ flexi from Goblinhaus Records purchased on a whim, what an awesome idea that was! Catchy, groovy, creepy and heavy, this album just works for me on every level. The bassline of Radon Chong hits a nerve I’d forgotten about, forged by the likes of Mudvayne and Korn over a decade ago (different genre, but still, definitely a compliment). Consider me a fan \m/ Favorite track: ‘Radon Chong.’”

\m/  = Rock On

Price: Name Your Price (Includes FREE) for six-track EP

Genre: Horror Surf. Instrumental.


Genki Genki Panic on Bandcamp

Genki Genki Panic Official Website

Genki Genki Panic on YouTube

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