Music Recommendation: The Delstroyers — “Zomb Zomb”


Music: “Zomb Zomb”

Single: This is a one-sided single.

Artist: The Delstroyers

Artist Location: Seattle, Washington

Record Company: Hell Hop Records

Record Company Location:


“The Delstroyers emerged from the mists of Seattle, WA in 2016, awash in reverb and cloaked in black. Their dark, instrumental surf melodies pay homage to both the founders of the genre and the revivalists of the 1990s, all wrapped in an undying love for things that go bump in the night.”

“The Delstroyers are an instrumental surf band from murky Seattle, WA USA that worships things like Fender Reverb units and creatures that go bump in the night. In 2017, the band teamed up with producer Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, The Posies, The Supersuckers) on their first full-length album, DIABOLICAL! In 2019, the 7″ RESURRECTED was released, and a new full-length record is coming in May, 2022.”

“Though we have long lurked away from prying eyes, our hands have not been idle. Clawing and scraping from beneath the ground, a single is unearthed. But this is only the first of many monsters to come; it has awakened, and she is … Zomb Zomb!”

“Hell Hop Records is proud to present this single, the first track on the The Delstroyers’ electrifying instrumental surf album 10,000 WAYS TO DIE, releasing Friday the 13th of May, 2022.”

Price: Name Your Price (Includes FREE)

Genre: Instrumental Horror Surf


“Zomb Zomb”

The Delstroyers on Bandcamp

The Delstroyers on YouTube

The Delstroyers Official Website

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