Music Recommendation: Vista Blue — Fat Daddy


Music: “Fat Daddy”


Artist: Vista Blue

Artist Location: Nashville, Tennessee


“Vista Blue is a rock band based in Nashville. Rooted in New Orleans, members have played in The Loblaws (Mutant Pop), Second Saturday (Excellent Records), and The Robinsons (One Eye, Mooster, Killer Records). Influences include Beatles, Beach Boys, Ramones, Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, MTX, Queers, Apples, etc.”

“I’m obviously a huge fan of Christmas songs, and I record Christmas tracks every year with several different projects and friends. But I also listen to a lot of Christmas music, and I’m always searching to find classics that have slipped past me. 

“Last year, my friend Rusty introduced me to A JOHN WATERS CHRISTMAS on a holiday podcast that we do. I’d known about the record, but I had no idea how amazing it was. Aside from a couple of exceptions, it’s an entire album of songs that should be standards today for one reason or another. 

“The moment I heard the first track, ‘Fat Daddy,’ I knew we’d have to record it, so we decided to just pick a few of the songs to cover this year. And here we are. 

“If you’ve never heard the original album, I can’t recommend it enough, and you can’t possibly get a good understanding of it by listening to our versions of these four tunes. What you’re hearing here are essentially Vista Blue versions of R&B, country, doo-wop, and children’s songs. We tried to arrange these tracks as though we had written them ourselves here in 2021. 

“But really, go buy the original album, and enjoy it with your whole family this year. From the opening sounds of ‘Fat Daddy’ to the final moments of ‘Santa Claus Is a Black Man’ and everything in between, A JOHN WATERS CHRISTMAS is just a wonderful compilation.”

Original versions of the covers on the Vista Blue EP appear on A JOHN WATERS CHRISTMAS (2004):

1. Fat Daddy – Fat Daddy 
2. Jimmy Donley – Santa! Don’t Pass Me By 
3. Stormy Weather – Christmas Time Is Coming (A Street Carol) 
4. Rita Faye Wilson – Sleigh Bells, Reindeer, and Snow

Price: Name Your Price (Includes FREE) for four-track EP

Genre: Christmas.



Vista Blue on Bandcamp

mike fletcher on YouTube

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